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Valiant Clinic and Hospital

Valiant Clinic & Hospital is your premier, boutique medical service provider situated at the heart of Dubai’s City Walk retail center. Founded by Belhoul Lifecare, one of the region’s most reputable names medicine, we are dedicated to bringing specialized healthcare to a wide range of clientele from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the wider international community.

The crucial work we do extends beyond providing rudimentary medical aid. We guarantee a total health and wellness experience for each patient that enters into our care. This is achieved through an adherence to both international medical standards and a careful attention to the needs of our diverse clientele. Valiant patients gain access to a team of internationally recognized specialists who make full use of our high-end medical facilities. Our team adheres to the highest standards of ethics, quality and professionalism.

This holistic, patient-centric approach guides every consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Valiant’s atmosphere and ambience, an integral component in our patients’ path to recovery, has been expertly crafted through impressive contemporary architecture and a warm, welcoming interior layout to leave a lasting impact on all our patients. We are setting a new standard for premier healthcare services in the UAE, redefining what it means to pursue and inevitably meet your personal goals in today’s fast-paced world.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital not only caters to a diverse community of citizens and residents, but to the wider international community. This includes both tourists and professionals seeking expert care during their time in Dubai. Our team offers over a dozen specialty services, including expert holistic pain management, orthopedic, rheumatological and gastroenterological treatment and much more.

These are made both accessible and affordable through a variety of packages that cater to your individual healthcare needs. Our aviation and sports medicine teams cater to a growing patient base whose healthcare needs are met through a careful, multidisciplinary approach. Valiant also offers the most popular and effective weight loss, dermatological and orthodontic plans.

An ever-expanding team of internationally trained and western board-certified medical specialists from some of the leading hospitals and medical centers around the world have taken up their practice at Valiant, bringing with them decades of insight and expertise. They are backed by our highly experienced staff and enjoy access to a variety of state-of-the-art medical technologies, facilities, and resources.

This is all brought to life in a modern and luxurious setting from our location in Dubai’s upscale City Walk retail center. From our facilities, medical experts and diverse range of custom treatment plans and modalities, Valiant is your luxury medical service provider of choice.



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