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The Free Spirit Collective

The Free Spirit Collective is an integrative psychology and wellbeing centre dedicated to supporting individuals, families and communities. Based in City Walk, an iconic lifestyle community in heart of Dubai, The Free Spirit Collective is a group of qualified and experienced psychologists, a psychiatrist, educators and coaches, working together to help people improve and sustain their mental health and emotional and psychological wellbeing.

We offer different kinds of mental health and wellbeing journeys based on a person’s needs. These journeys include holistic, clinical and counselling psychology for adults, adult psychiatry, clinical and holistic psychology for children and adolescents, perinatal psychology and women’s mental health services for new parents and infants, wellbeing programmes and mental health services for schools, organisations and architectural design consultancy.

The Free Spirit Collective is anchored strongly in its values - Creativity, Community, Clinical Excellence, Service, Authenticity, Gratitude, Love and Trust. These values reflect in the way we express and conduct ourselves every day, which helps keep these values alive and relevant and ensures that they aren’t reduced to mere talk.

Our approach to therapy is an integrative one, which means our focus is not only on specific concerns but on the whole person. We help people take their growth in therapy into their life, building patterns of healthy functioning in all areas – mental, emotional, creative, relational & spiritual.

What sets The Free Spirit Collective apart is our approach to therapy A good connection between client & therapist is central to effective therapy. We offer a free 15-minute teleconsultation for clients prior to booking the first session so the client can ask the therapist any questions they might have about their approach, training & experience.

We thrive on mutual trust and value the trust that our clients place in us. We hold very high standards of clinical excellence and make each client our priority. We aim to make sure that our values and our approach to therapy help people become more free, skilled and connected to themselves as well as others, and commit to all things that are important to them in their lives.

Come and see us at our home at City Walk and let us start a journey together towards better mental health and wellbeing.


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