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Nearest Parking:

Al Safa Street - Basement parking, Pink



City Walk






The Courtyard

Meat Moot

Your new authentic smoked meat destination overlooking the historical streets of Istanbul all the way to Dubai

With the capital's culinary scene growing exponentially over the last decade and considering almost every cuisine imaginable, it has long been a known fact that Dubai is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. While there are so many restaurants to choose from, going out to dinner can often become an overwhelming event. It is true that new restaurants are opened every day, but how do you distinguish the great from the good?

Presenting a world of contrasts to city-goers, Meat Moot is an authentic, smoked meat restaurant comes from the heart of the City of Istanbul’s most historical place, harmonizing with eastern spicy smells of the history, thoughtfully created as an interactive and explorative experience. Offering a unique setting when the sun goes down and the city lights go up, eat on carefully selected delicious meat complemented by food pairings. Authentic smoked meat; inspired by history, made for city-goers

From professionally led smoked meat to personalized recommendations, discover the art of authentic, delicious meat with Meat Moot Restaurant. More than your usual sit-down-and-listen place, join an interactive experience where you'll be encouraged to eat smoked meat while having unforgettable moments with friends or family.

Come and visit us today. Meat Moot is the hottest place with its employees! The best new restaurant to visit right now!


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