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8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


04 449 7357


Nearest Parking:

Boulevard - Building 3



City Walk





The Boulevard

Studio Meshary Al Nassar

Established in 2018 by Meshary AlNassar, Studio Meshary AlNassar has swiftly become a distinguished presence in the design world. Nestled in Kuwait, the studio has achieved remarkable success, completing 65 projects in just five years, ranging from residential interiors to healthcare designs, leaving an impactful imprint on the GCC design landscape.

In a pivotal move in 2023, Studio Meshary AlNassar is expanding its footprint with a second office in Dubai, signalling both growth and a commitment to international design standards. Leading the charge in innovative architecture is Associate Architect Mishari AlAwadhi, whose vision propels the studio forward, pushing boundaries and redefining design norms.

The studio takes pride in being one of Kuwait's dedicated interior design studios, setting new benchmarks in the regional design narrative. Embracing a philosophy of crafting timeless spaces through meticulous spatial design and personalized interiors, each project is a unique blend of form and function.

Studio Meshary AlNassar goes beyond being a design studio; it is a curator of experiences, architecting emotions, and a visionary in the design realm. Evolving with dedication and consistency, the studio remains true to its principles, delivering design excellence while continually exploring the frontiers of Interior Design, Architecture & Product Design.


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