8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


+971 54 2228555


Nearest Parking:

Boulevard – Building 10



City Walk





The Boulevard

Yasser Younes Jewellery

Yasser Younes Jewellery is a Lebanese brand that has been creating fine pieces of jewellery since 1983, passing along the passion of gems, stones, and gold from one generation to the next. Yasser Younes, whom the eponymous label gets its name from, has a rich background in Gemology, giving him an edge over others in the industry. His years of experience make him an expert in the use of precious gems.

YY Jewellery is one of the few jewellery boutiques in Lebanon, and the Arab world, that carries its production in-house. From designing to producing final products, YY seeks to shine in the world of jewellery, delivering high-quality pieces known for their precision and fine polish.

We strive to create extraordinary pieces that are boundless, timeless, and limitless.

Clarity, cut, and finish are priority at YY, allowing us to transform our creations into statement pieces that speak of rarity in a world of gems and stones.

Passion drives us and it is the reason we are where we are today. Yasser Younes Jewellery is distinct, bold and strong, reflecting the women who wear the pieces.


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