8:00 AM - 11:00 PM


055 533 6711


Nearest Parking:

Basement Parking – Yellow



City Walk





The Plaza


GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf lessons and premium club fittings, offering state-of-the-art instruction and Tour-like club fittings at over 240 indoor Training Centers worldwide.

Our location has individual, private Training Bays that come highly equipped with the latest in golf training and simulation technology. Our indoor bays are powered by TECSWING, a proprietary GOLFTEC software, paired with industry-leading launch monitors from Foresight Sports, and Students can see their ball flight images and data projected onto the hitting screens. Each bay is also equipped with Opti Motion, a groundbreaking motion-tracking innovation that sets a new standard for how golf swings are measured, and the way golf instruction is delivered. To round out the golfer’s complete game, our facility includes an indoor putting green and lessons enhanced by TECPUTT, a motion technology that analyzes face angle, loft, and path direction of putting strokes.

In addition, our center features the company’s enhanced custom club fitting program. The TOUR-like fitting experience combines swing characteristics with ball flight data to help identify optimal golf equipment for each Student. An array of clubhead and shaft options are available to perfectly match players of any skill level with the clubs that best meet their needs.


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