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Paridhi’s range of handpicked Indian ethnic wear is mixed with Arabic fashion styles and trends. It is a world of digital prints, a place Paridhi is an endeavor to let every aspiring woman attain the higher standards in fashion, style, glamour. As a queen stand herself with immaculate shine and confidence, Paridhi believes in offering the same vibes to every woman who defines herself along these lines. Paridhi is a brand for women who look forward to defining their ethnic fashion sense elegantly and gracefully through our breathtaking designs created by the Indian fashion Designer, Pooja Jain.

Since 2007, Pooja's designs are intricately crafted by skilled craftsmen, with native Indian artworks and numerous elements, all associated with the rich culture left by Indian ancestors. If we talk about PARIDHI latest designs, the first thing to strike our minds is trendy contemporary fashion; the perfect blend of Arabic & international fashion conjoined with the conventional charm of Indian culture. Pooja is keeping up a great pace with changing demands and trends.

where the ethnic meets the contemporary, where fashion is the trademark and where quality is priority.

If you are looking for Unique fashion, Paridhi has statement making outfits to slay the fashion scene. Paridhi’s collection embraces luxe fabric, radiant colors and stunning digital prints work that would truly make any woman feel and look like a diva. It is for all women who like to dress up, accessorize and consider good fashion as a life enhancing experience.


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