Roxy Cinemas
Fresh cinematic experience

Open Today:02:00 PM-10:00 PM

800 7699

Nearest Parking:Cinema Lift Lobby

Zone:The Hub

Roxy Cinemas

Feeling the urge to block out the real world and watch a movie in comfort?

To watch the latest films, from blockbusters and art-house movies to documentaries, check out what’s showing at the cinema at City Walk.

Roxy Cinemas is a fresh cinematic experience. Located at City Walk, the cinemas feature the latest blockbuster movies from all the major studios around the world.

Three classes of seating – the ultra-premium Platinum Plus, Gold Plus and Silver Plus – allow patrons to enjoy the movie in a sophisticated environment that pays homage to the magic of the movies.

Grab some popcorn, and enjoy!

Click HERE to make your bookings today.

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