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Your style. Four ways.
Sculpt your hair differently for every occasion with The Art of Shaving
Your style. Four ways.

Let's elevate your grooming routine with 4 adaptable styling products from the Art of Shaving that are infused with Juniper Essential Oils. You can design and sculpt your look to perfection.

Molding Clay
The Molding Clay is formulated for high style and durability throughout the day. The high hold, matte finish formula is great for slightly longer styles and provides a set style without the high hold nature of a gel & minimal product finish.

Here's how you apply: 
1. Clean your hair and dry through a specific direction.
2. Use a small amount, if you need more you can add it later. Rub the product in your palms to warm it up.
3. Work your hands from the root of hair till the tip to add volume and definition.

Forming Paste
Keep things loose with the Forming Paste that will help you achieve a soft, natural yet styled look. The medium hold, matte finish is great for styles that need just a bit of styling to keep their look neat and natural 

Here's how you apply: 
1. Get a small amount in your fingers
2. Work through the ends of your hair 
3. Wait for a few minutes for your hair to dry completely

Sculpting Wax
Sculpting wax will leave you with a high hold and high shine style. Best used to create sleek looks on slightly longer hair lengths. Great for everyday use or to create a specific style when needed.

Here's how you apply:
1. Get a cherry-sized amount in your hand
2. Rub it in your palms together and make it warm
3. Apply on the surface and then through your hair

Gel Pomade
Want a little more polish? Then the Gel pomade is for you! Delivering a medium hold and a soft yet sculpted look. The medium hold makes it easy to apply and restyle, providing great body and control with a little shine.

Here's how you apply:
1. Clean your hair and apply a small amount on dry hands
2. Start working your way from the roots to the tip
3. If hair loses structure, dampen palms with water and rework
  • Give your face that extra glow!
  • Extra care for your hair!

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      Your style. Four ways.
      Sculpt your hair differently for every occasion with The Art of Shaving
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