TORO + KO at City Walk

TORO + KO at City Walk

Klaus Oro Football Predictions Manager
Toro + KO the Barcelona inspired Tapas restaurant, located at The Square, City Walk are delighted to announce the signing of new team member, Klaus Oro Pescado as Football Predictions Manager.  Klaus brings with him a wealth of both psychic and sporting experience, having worked alongside some of the world’s biggest names including Mystic Meg, Paul the Octopus and Cristiano Ronaldo, to name just a few.  

Klaus, a goldfish from Balearic Sea, began his career on the pitch, his unique fin play ensuring he stood out from the crowd. Securing a place at Premier League Club Everton, Klaus played alongside legendary footballer Wayne Rooney, before a devastating dorsal injury meant his dream of playing for the Balearic Sea National team was over. 

With his dreams dashed, Klaus spent a few dark years as a resident DJ and host in Magaluf, the infamous resort on the Spanish island of Majorca. After long night of DJ-ing during the 2002 World Cup, Klaus discovered his amazing talent for predicting football scores. Realising that he could develop this skill into a career, Klaus immediately jumped on a plane to London, where he would spend five long years under the tutelage of Mystic Meg (once the UK’s most revered Psychic), honing and refining his prediction skills. 

Only days after completing his training, Klaus was selected from over 100 over goldish to shadow Paul the Octopus during his famous 2010 World Cup predictions, his first professional position which would garner global recognition. 

With this invaluable experience under his belt Klaus now joins the award winning Toro + KO team as Football Predictions Manager. Klaus is set to bring a new dynamic to the team, and will be the first appointed goldfish prediction manager in Dubai. Keen to make his mark on the region Klaus will begin making his predictions with the Champions League final on Saturday 26th and will oversee all predictions throughout the 2018 Football World Cup. 

Check out Klaus’s weekly predictions every Sunday on Toro + KO Instagram page and visit him at the restaurant from 25th May.  

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