Pomme de Pain

Pomme de Pain

September 03, 2018

Two cultures, two desserts & an abundance of flavors- meet the Kunafa Macaroon.
We've all wondered where the delicious Kunafa comes from or where widely popular French dessert, the Macaroon, comes from?

Well, Kunafa, a classic Arab dessert popular in the Levant and Egypt, has an unsurprisingly, rich and layered history, just like its assembly. As for the Macaroon, The story goes back more than 1000 years to the Arab empire of the 600-700s. When the empire expanded up through Northern Africa into what's now Sicily, the Arabs, as you'd expect, brought their foods with them. 

One of the foods they brought was the macaroon which the Sicilians called "maccheroni".

Years later, in the 1500s, Catherine de Medici, a descendant from one of the most prominent Italian families, married her way into French royalty and moved thus to France. Alike the Arabs almost 800 years before her time, she too, brought her favorite cookies with her. It was then that she introduced the Sicilian maccheroni to the French which they adopted into their cuisine, and transformed into the widely known and craved "macaron".

It wasn't until decades later, when a small town chef at a cafe in the United Arab Emirates decided that, since the history of the Macaroons was so inspired by the Arab ways, it was time to give it an Arabic twist. 

Thus the Kunafa Macaroon was born- and it was DELICIOUS.

Join us at Pomme de Pain Dubai and indulge in the fusion of the intricate historical macaroon and the rich layered traditional kunafa. 

Call on 056 992 0095 to pre-order your historically rich dessert. 

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