Create your scent at Ghawali!

November 06, 2018

Ghawali invites you to craft your own Ghalia and personalize your bottle.
Ghawali, is unlocking its ingredient and scent vaults to invite guests to craft their own signature fragrances under its #myghalia campaign. 
Ghawali translates into a bouquet of precious items, and guests can now create their own precious fragrance, or Ghalia. Each Ghalia is given a special name, marking it as a signature personalised scent. 
Scent has a clear and powerful link with memory, making an exclusive Ghalia the best way of marking memorable events. With the #myghalia initiative, rare creations can be devised for personal use or special occasions – such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers and even corporate gifts.
Ghalia carrying one or two precious essence oils can be formulated immediately at a Ghawali boutique. More complex arrangements are by appointment only, and require Ghawali’s brand and olfactory expert consultants to be present while precious ingredients are carefully balanced to guarantee a mesmerising scent.
“We believe our guests should have access to their own personalised perfume. In the Arab world, making your own signature fragrance by layering different scents is a long-standing tradition. We wanted to uphold this tradition of Arabic perfumery, and are offering Ghawali’s bespoke experience for people to mark special occasions, or simply devise a signature scent that they can wear, and share, proudly,” said Mr. Anees Abdullatif, General Manager, Ghawali.
Guests, scent enthusiasts and connoisseurs can craft their personalised Ghalia by visiting our Ghawali boutique in Citywalk. They can then share with friends across social media by tagging @ghawalifrag and using the hashtag #myghalia


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