Oct 14
Jan 15, 2022
“Lagerfeld: The Chanel Shows”
by Simon Procter arrives to Dubai for the first time at City Walk

City Walk will host the much celebrated, Lagerfeld: The Chanel Shows, presented by 7 Art Gallery for the first time in Dubai. Running from 14 October 2021 to 15 January 2022, visitors are invited to head down to City Walk’s Courtyard to explore an exhibition filled with photographs by the renowned British artist, Simon Procter, and admire the work of the one and only Karl Lagerfeld.

Simon Procter, as one of the most outstanding photographers of his generation, and as one of Karl Lagerfeld’s most trusted documentary photographers, will be in attendance once again to take part in this exhibition. Capturing the energy and essence of the Chanel shows, Procter has visually recreated the epic sets from a luscious forest scene to a rocket launch, combining multiple photographs to illustrate in a single image the many perspectives of the intense but fleeting spectacle. Procter also captured images of Lagerfeld preparing models backstage, a privilege afforded to few, offering a unique glimpse into the inner sanctum of the fashion house.

Bringing the Lagerfeld: The Chanel Shows book to life - large-scale photographs will be displayed at City Walk’s Courtyard, including some never-before-seen artworks. The exhibition will offer an unparalleled look into the wide-ranging creativity of one of history's most respected and iconic designers, making it an essential viewing for all lovers of fashion and admirers of Chanel and Lagerfeld’s incomparable legacy.

At the exhibition, visitors can capture the moment and enjoy an instagrammable setting and strike a pose on a unique photo backdrop inspired by Karl Lagerfeld to embrace their very own runway shoot. The Lagerfeld, Chanel Shows books published by Rizzoli Edition will also be available for purchase at the 7 Art gallery store, including a limited number of copies signed by Simon Procter.

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