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Apr 17, 2021
City Walk’s Definitive Guide to Your City’s Favourite Dishes
24 lucky visitors stand a chance to win family staycations at La Ville Hotel & Suites from 25 March to 17 April

This Dubai Food Festival, City Walk is inviting Dubai’s foodies to try the city’s favourite dishes – based on the unanimous votes of a most coveted panel of judges – the city’s resident gourmets. At City Walk, you can choose from a wide palette of popular global dishes, spanning Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Emirati, French, Italian and many more!

From 25 March to 17 April, 24 lucky gourmands will have a chance to each win a one-night family staycation at La Ville Hotel & Suites. To join the excitement, spend just AED150 at any of the dining outlets, take a picture of the receipt and send it via direct message to City Walk’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter handles. The following day, one lucky winner will be selected and rewarded through a randomiser.
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Now, let’s get to the list!

1. Fresh off the Boat:

Sea food lovers are sure to rejoice - PF Chang’s Dynamite Shrimps is the go-to dish on the popularity stakes! And while most of you have devoured this batter-fried, spicy crustacean, did you know this recipe originated back in 1993 and is faithfully followed even today?

Joining the ranks of the best seafood dishes in town is L’ETO Caffe’s Lobster Eggs Benedict - featuring a fresh and crunchy Omani lobster, served with yuzu avocado sauce and house-made sriracha hollandaise, this best seller is accompanied by two delicately made poached eggs on a freshly baked brioche bun – how can you possibly resist?

Next up is Gran Caffe’s Seafood Risotto Frutti di Mare, a creamy Italian creation featuring shrimp, mussels, squid, and infused with fresh herbs and its signature tomato sauce.

Speaking of international cuisines, have you tried Mitts and Trays’ popular Singari Seabass? The pan seared fish fillet is to die for! Plated on a bed of creamy corn puree, tossed with lentil, burgul and mixed green salad and served with an in-house Singari sauce and candied fennel – we promise, it tastes even better than it reads.

If you’re in the mood for a quick bite of ocean flavours, simply sample Baryoosha Café’s Tuna & Harissa Panini. Or if desserts tickle your fancy, the café’s Lotus & Honey Baryoosha (cheesy grilled toasties), and refreshing shakes may be just the thing.

2. Grills Galore:

Fancy sampling authentic kebabs from around the world? City Walk is home to a delectable choice of juicy grills and cuts. Let’s start with a fun fact. Did you know the Iskender kebab is one of the best-known dishes of north-western Turkey? It is named for its creator, Iskender Efendi. And if you crave the best-ever Iskender in town, head to Babaji at City Walk!

Culture vultures will love Sikka Café’s signature Mix Grill, featuring everybody’s favourite Joojeh, Beef kebab and Koobideh kebab, served with freshly made spicy garlic dip – a fine example of a culture-inspired food trend.

Alternatively, don’t miss out on Armaanz World’s namesake Tasty Kebab, featuring succulent lamb cubes served with the restaurant’s secret sauce, and grilled to perfection in a clay pot.

If you simply wish to indulge in delicacies at the heart of Emirati cuisine, simply head to Al Mashowa to try the popular Machbous Lahm, a delectable slice of tender meat served with lamb stock infused rice – this one oozes flavours passed on from one generation to the next.

3. For the Meat Lovers:

If you’re craving a juicy slice of steak, look no further than Butcha Steakhouse & Grill’s Lokum-Style Tenderloin. Once you try dish, you’ll know why the delectable meat cuts is among the most popular dishes in the city.

Equally fancy and fulfilling is L'Occitane Café’s Gnocchi Danube – the slow cooked angus beef short rib served with potato gnocchi drizzled with flavoursome pan juice and balsamic glaze, will have you tossing chefs kisses throughout your visit!

And have you tried the Shah Pilaf at Baku Café? As grand as the name sounds – Shah is a title given to the emperors, kings, and princes – the dish is equally as decadent. The dish is a real symphony of taste presenting a delectable combination of spices and chestnuts, atop a slice of tender lamb, that promises every diner an authentic Azerbaijanian experience.

4. The Evolution of Shawarma

The best kept secret fixes for gourmands in the city? No surprises for most there – the humble Shawarma. If you’re ravenous after all that shopping at City Walk, check out the two different styles of the dish that is a staple for the city’s multicultural residents. If you’re in the mood to experiment with variations of the meat, Farzi Café’s Famous Shawarma Biriyani is a must-try! A regular order at the gourmet eatery – only the best meat is used in prepping this flavourful rice dish in the past year alone. A feast for all the senses, Farzi Café’s dish looks like a beautifully finished, shawarma machine product rather than a traditional wrap, and is sure to garner heaps of likes and hearts on your social accounts too!

However, if the traditional wrap is more your style, you’ll love Allo Beirut’s chicken or beef Shawarma that promises to transport you to the culinary nooks of Lebanon, with its authentic spices and generous garnishes.

5. That Pizza from Eat Pray Love:

For all you crazy fans of the Julia Roberts starrer Eat Pray Love, who fancy devouring an authentic artisanal pizza at a pizzeria somewhere in Italy, City Walk’s L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele’s Signature Pizza Margherita (Da Michele Pizza Margherita), might just do the trick! To add some star dust to your experience, you might enjoy knowing that this was the pizza featured in the movie - offering an experience of true Neapolitan cuisine cherished for over 150 years.

Please note that all necessary measures are in place to guarantee a safe and comfortable dining, shopping, and leisure experience at City Walk, with rigorous disinfection and sanitisation taking place every two hours across the destination.

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