Dec 15
Jan 29, 2023


The 28th edition of Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is adding more exclusive experiences to its action-packed 46-day calendar with the second edition of “Dubai Lights” at City Walk. 

Festival goers can enjoy a special showcase of 10 unique interactive light installations that create an immersive journey of artistic lights and sounds. In partnership with Light Art Collection, the outdoor exhibition “The Spark Within” celebrates the power, resilience and positivity of light and sound as a symbol of connection between people, places and nature.

C/C is an interactive sculpture by Angela Chong that casts shadows by day and transforms into a colourful LED lightshow by night. The sculpture also functions as a seat for the public.


LIGHT PIANO 2.0 by Arion de Munck and Mark Ridder combines art with music. It is composed of an arrangement of dozens of cubes connected to the keys of the piano that light up when thekeyboard is played, enabling the audience to experience both the sound and light in a multisensory experience.


Nest by Vikas Patil and Santosh Gujar is inspired by the male bowerbirds that build colourful nests for their partners. The installation plays on the idea of organic architecture in construction. 


Never Ends by Luigi Console & Valentina Novembre is an interactive installation involving a horse on a spring. When a visitor gets on the exhibit, that is when the light show comes to life.


Run Beyond by Angelo Bonello is a work about the power of imagination and its ability to conquer fears and limitations. It plays on the theme of long jumping as a metaphor for opening oneself up toother cultures, new friendships and unknown worlds.


Submergence by Squidsoup is a large, immersive, walkthrough experience composed of thousands of suspended lights that create the impression of a digital presence within a physical space. 


TORNADO by UxU Studio, is an installation that mimics the majesty of the natural phenomena.


Sphere 3D Spectrum by Clifton Mahangoe brings together two opposites as harmonious partners. They form perfect circles surrounded by vibrations and spirals. In the projections, abstract dots and lines, images of sunlight, water reflections and swirling flocks of birds alternate.


BUNCH OF TULIPS by Koros Design renders the symbol of Holland as a giant inflatable PopArt. 


DESIRE by Uxu Design is an installation of 1,500 lights intended to evoke the idea of passion.  




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