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Dinh Van Paris

Born in 1927 near Paris, Jean Dinh Van imagined himself as a sailor. Fortunately for women – influenced by his father, who was a lacquerware craftsman – he decided to craft jewelry. After studying at Les Beaux Arts de Paris, he honed his craft at Cartier over ten years. It was during this time that his hands “fell in love with metal”. The experience influenced and forged his own idea of luxury and beauty, and – at the start of the 1960s – Jean Dinh Van left Cartier and turned his attention to contemporary design. Taking a real interest in design trend – at the time, especially new styles, like off-the-peg creations by Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin, Knoll furniture and the advertisements of Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, founder of Publicis – Jean joined a group of designers who wanted to free jewellery from the constraints of “preciousness”. Jean's vision included bold bejewelled pieces that could be bought by women and worn every day, something that was his idea of the ultimate luxury in life. In 1965, Jean Dinh Van the jeweler created Dinh Van the brand in Paris. Today, a Dinh Van creation still stands out and is easily distinguished from other brands. Contemporary yet timeless, the labels' pieces offer pure and simple shapes to jewellery lovers of both genders and all ages. At the City Walk store, jewellery lovers will find everything from bracelets to rings, watches to gold and diamonds.

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