Alexandre J.

Open Today:10:00 AM-12:00 PM

+971 588486598

Nearest Parking:Al Mustaqbal street - BHV Entrance - Red

Alexandre J.

French perfume is among the finest. And if you like your fragrance to come in a mesmerisingly beautiful bottle, treat yourself to something truly special from French perfume brand Alexandre.J.

Alexandre.J fragrances are objects of luxury, blurring the lines between the worlds of perfume, art, and fashion. In store, at Alexandre J. City Walk, you’ll find exclusive perfumes, fragrances, candles and other objets d’art.

Alexandre.J creates fragrances that arouse emotions, through including a unique range of evocative olfactory notes in unique compositions. These are developed slowly, with the utmost of care, as the ingredients transform when heated.

The result? Perfectly balanced scents that are luxuriously packaged. (Really, they must be admired in all their glittering glory before you even get a whiff of them.)

These include Liyoli, in its elegant pink flacon; Heaven, with its jewelled embellishment; and the crystal-like bottle of the Faubourg St Honoré.

No perfume collection is complete until one of these beautifully bottled scents form the central part of it.

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