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SEHA National Screening Center

SEHA’s position as the nation’s largest public healthcare network gave it a front-seat in driving the country’s preparation and health management efforts. Its prominent role on the frontlines of the UAE’s fight against COVID-19 saw the network working closely with government partners, along with public and private stakeholders, to implement various strategic initiatives, aligned with the UAE’s leadership’s directives, and supporting its frontline healthcare professionals as they protect the community.


In line with HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s vision to test as many people as possible and provide the necessary medical care for those who require it, we’ve opened 24 screening centers across the UAE.

Book your appointment by calling 8001717 or via the SEHA app.

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The following priority categories are eligible for free testing.

  • UAE nationals
  • Senior citizens above 50 years old
  • Residents above 50 years old
  • People suffering from chronic diseases

Otherwise free testing is available by booking an appointment through the SEHA App for the following categories.

  • UAE nationals
  • Children of Emirati women
  • Domestic workers working in Emirati Households
  • People suffering from chronic diseases
  • Residents above 50 years old
  • People of determination
  • Pregnant women


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