Open Today:10:00 AM-12:00 AM


Nearest Parking:Basement parking, Pink

Dress Code:Casual

Zone:The Courtyard


Smoked meat, the very best halal USDA certified beef in the market, and we do it well. We’ve learnt from the best and want Dubai to enjoy what we’ve got smoking under the hood! It’s NOT roasted, broiled, grilled or seared, it’s smoked slowly over English oak, which allows the meat to tenderize and keeps it succulent.

Our signature Brisket Bun, topped with pickled red chilli, which adds a fruity heat to the tender brisket, served in a specially baked bun. But those that want a little more meat can try the dry aged beef ribs, topped off with pickled red chilli.

Visit us today to enjoy the best smoked meat in town.

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